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The validity of the employment contract vary companies to companies , but most of the time normally 2 years, and is renewable at the option of both parties. Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, Overtime Pay shall be in accordance with the labour laws of the host country. In short, this is the modus operendus for the Right Man at the Right Place at the Right Time which Incidentally is our motto and the key to success in Overseas Placement Business .Other benefits as provided by the labour law of the host country shall also be accorded to the worker.

Power of Attorney

For the purpose of obtaining visa for the selected workers in Bangladesh the employer may authorize Barobi International Ltd in the form of a Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney including the Demand Letter must be attested by the Labour Attache or by any authorized officer of the Embassy/Mission of Bangladesh located in the host country.

Scrutinize & Selection

After the pre-selection by us an applicant who has also passed the final selection by the foreign company authorize delegates shall then be issued by the foreign employer an employment offer subject to the acceptance of the applicant. After that workers are sent to Gulf Co-operative Council (G.C.C) approved Medical Centre for “Full Checkup” maintaining internationally standardized facilities. Barobi International Ltd processes all the documentary formalities. Meanwhile the visa of the applicant shall also be applied for the worker by the foreign employer.

Employment Contract

The foreign employers may send their Demand Letter to Barobi International Ltd stating the type and category of workers required, terms of services, and benefit the employer would like to offer to the workers etc.


Documents granting permission from the appropriate authority of the country of employment for recruitment of Bangladeshi workers in the form of Visa Advice/NOC/Work Permit is sent to Barobi International Ltd.


Barobi International Ltd will obtain necessary Recruitment Permission and Immigration Clearance from the Bureau of Manpower, Employment & Training (BMET) under Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment (MoEWOE) for the workers prior to their departure.

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Advertisement & Orientation

Advertisement and Recruitment

Once we are given the recruitment programme details we run down through our Data Bank which is updated regularly for primary screening. Also we have field workers and Representatives in remote areas to collect qualified candidates. In cases of skilled and Higher skilled categories, we publish advertisement in the leading Newspapers to get the appropriate trade wise applicants.

We recruit and pre-select applicants for the employer’s evaluation and final selection. Incase the interview is physically impossible, a skype interview can also be arranged. Testing from our own Middle East Training Center, which is an agency under the Bangladesh Bureau of Manpower & Employment (BMET) accredited private testing centre may be undertaken. 

Orientation Before Departure

Barobi International Ltd provides basic orientation and pre-departure briefing to the workers before their dispatch. As project very in nature & country so it mandatory part to brief each & every indevidual Migration worker to be part adapted on the social & religious tradition ,custom & manners of the specific Employment country .Also we thoroughly conduct “Briefing courses” on the nature projects,use of equipment & Instruments & related details to the departing workers.We have also arrangements for Audiovisul displys if we are provided with the relevant Project Tapes which gives a clear picture to the workers about the nature of project & residential facilities to be provided by the Employers .